Summer Dance Offerings - 12+- Adult

Belly Dance:

Sahara Method Tribal Fusion Technique with a variety of diverse cultural influences. Drills, combos, and choreographies as well as zill practice, veils, skirts, swords and fans on occasion.  

Monday -Wednesday and Friday 6:00

Hip Hop Fusion: 

fusion dance based on urban trends for fitness and fun-layered teaching for all levels. casual and fun fitness. 

Monday 7:00

Modern Fusion: 

Jazz, Lyrical, and Ballet inspired for long lines, extension, turns, travels, pointe prep and floor work. strength and flexibility are strong focus. 

Wednesday 7:00 

Broadway to Burlesque: 

Fusion dance class offering step patterns, character development, expressive dancing, conditioning and flexibility training. Fun and Fitness oriented. Great for performers of all types. 

Friday 7:00

​One pass is universal so choose how many classes you want to take each week and explore them all. No reservations required for these classes. All prices are per person. 

$40 for one to two class hours per month 

$60 for three to four class hours per month 

$75 for unlimited class hours per month 

Aerial Classes Require Reservations as spots are very limited. 

​​​Pole Fitness: Vertical Dance

Introduction to floor work, spins, climbs and introductory inversions. strength and flexibility training as well as choreography combinations. Unique, fun and flirty fitness for all levels

Monday 8:00

Pre-Teen/Adult Circus Arts/Aerial- (11-adult)

Skills progression in aerial arts including silks, aerial hoop, hoop-trap and trapeze. Technique, conditioning, flexibility and dance performance skills are included. Introduction to flow tools and self-choreography begin here. Performance opportunities optional. Tuition is monthly and more rehearsal opportunities are available. 

Tuesday-Thursday 7:00 

One day per week 60$     Two Day per week 90$


Children's Circus Arts/Aerial- (ages 5-8) and (9-14) skills progression in aerial arts including silks, aerial hoop, hoop-trap and trapeze. Technique, safety and floor work as well as flexibility and conditioning skills. Fun, Creative and an excellent way to keep kids active. Tuition paid monthly

Tuesday 5:00 and Thursday 5:00  (ages 5-8)

Tuesday 6:00 and Thursday 6:00 (ages 9-14)

One day per week 60$             Two Day Per week 90$


May- 2017